3 Reasons To Hire More Individuals With Disabilities In 2021

Paula Morgan Forbes Contributor

Diversity & Inclusion

I write on the intersection of disability and public services.

There are still many challenges facing employers as we head into the new year, but overcoming the stigmas surrounding individuals with disabilities shouldn’t be one of them. Investing in this highly skilled and dedicated workforce will benefit all involved and places companies on the path to starting 2021 on the right foot


Individuals with disabilities are loyal workers

Employee turnover is the bane of every company’s existence, but the Department of Labor found that employers who supported those with disabilities saw a 90% increase in employee retention. That is because offering reasonable accommodations is often significantly less costly than firing workers. In addition, insights from The Center for Financial Planning report show that diverse companies are more likely to retain talent, which has a direct financial correlation and leads to better overall job satisfaction, less money spent on recruitment, improvements in bottom line, and greater company-wide profitability.

Finding, hiring and retraining employees costs time, money and resources that would be better spent elsewhere. Even if the turnover rate isn’t particularly high, that same report found that a lack of diversity leads to lower productivity, higher absenteeism, and physical and mental health issues among employees.

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