Reason # 2 to Hire People with Disabilities

3 Reasons To Hire More Individuals With Disabilities In 2021

Paula Morgan

Paula Morgan Forbes Contributor

Diversity & Inclusion

I write on the intersection of disability and public services.

While employment statistics for this group have improved over the years, there is still a great deal more that employers can do to promote diversity and inclusion in their workplaces, especially considering only 13% of employers have reached the 7% target set by the U.S. Department of Labor for federal contractors hiring individuals with disabilities. 

Increasing this percentage will benefit employers and employees alike, so keep reading for the top three reasons to hire more individuals with disabilities in 2021.

2) This community is an untapped workforce and a valuable resource 

People with disabilities are often overlooked because of the stigma that comes along with their disabilities, but employers who abandon these stereotypes will gain highly skilled employees with substantial motivation to exceed expectations. Not only are these individuals eager and willing to take on a variety of employment opportunities, many of them have valuable skill sets to offer, stemming from their diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Here at Allsup, we work with many former workers with disabilities, and more than half have expressed their desire to return to work once they have recovered. Companies that offer them the chance to do so are likely to reap the benefits of this larger applicant pool, which offers a wider range of perspectives, backgrounds, and skills, and to become more innovative as a result. 

Thank you for reading. See Reason # 3 tomorrow

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