֍֍ Happy New Year! ֍֍

1/1/2019Happy New Year 2019 banner

Happy New Year to all Work In Progress family and friends!

2019 is a new chapter in the book of life.  Its pages are blank and ready for new adventures, growth and opportunities. 

As you begin to fill those pages, discard all the negative thoughts, habit and toxic things that bring you discouragement, disappointment and disheartenment.  

Fill these days, hours and minutes with..

Family who loves me unconditionally.

Friends who understand me and accept me as I am.

Honest work that has value.

A mind unafraid to explore.

A heart full of compassion.

A playful attitude.

Time and silence to rebuild my spirit.

Patience to outlast the trials.

Wisdom to recognize happiness and contentedness.


May your 2019 New Year be blessed with a new adventure and happiness everyday.




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